It feels like it was so long ago yet it’s just a little over 12 Months since we launched our MVP (Minimum Viable Product) version of our wallet under the name Fox Wallet which we have since re-branded to SEVERUS. Our initial road map indicated our ambitious intentions very clearly. We were bold and excited about the future. As we launched the MVP version we soon realised the complexity of the project and the vast amount of resources needed to bring our vision into fruition. We hit a few snags along the way, which has made our resolve even stronger. We have had to make a few changes along the way and prioritise some offerings over others in the development of our business.

We have therefore shelved our wallet and went on to work on building and bringing to life our CEX (Centralised Exchange). Our digital asset exchange will feature industry leading trading functionality with deep liquidity, quick trade executions as well as a robust and equitable affiliate model. The ETA for the exchange for the public is 30 Nov 2022. More information regarding this will be shared on our social media channels and via our community newsletter.

On our MVP wallet, some community members had positive balances which they could not access. We have great news. ???????????? All users who had positive balances now have two options:

1. Receive a refund for all positive balances across applicable crypto assets or,

2. Leave your positive balances with us and once our new CEX is live, we will transfer these balances to applicable wallets and as a token of goodwill we will credit your account with an additional 25%

To begin with this process, please fill out the Google form below. T&Cs apply.