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DeFi Enabled Web3 Wallet

Accessible on all major platforms. A safe, trusted multi-crypto wallet with all the benefits of DeFi

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A convenient and intuitive crypto wallet

As simple as sign-up, deposit and buying. It takes minutes to get started in crypto.

Beginner friendly

As simple as sign-up, deposit and buying. It takes minutes to get started in crypto.

DeFi enabled Web3 Wallet

Interact safely with DeFi protocols across blockchains.

Superior Security

Easily access top-tier, trusted cryptocurrencies.

What you can do with Fox Wallet

A fully intergratable DeFi wallet with increadible features. The first of it’s kind.

Send Crypto

Receive Crypto

Stake Crypto

Farm Crypto

Buy Crypto

Yield Crypto

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Over 12 cryptos supported


126 Million

Worth of daily transactions


15 Blockchains

acesssible and explorable



Over 4000 users accross the globe

Your funds held in the FoxWallet are insured againist loss.

FoxWallet is pioneering safe practices in the crypto space, giving you the ultimate peace of mind and overcoming the barrier of entry. Funds kept in your Fox Wallet are insured againist losss.

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Your one-stop app for cryptocurrency mnagement and opportunities

With FoxWallet, you can easily and intuitively perform all crypto related activities and interact with different blockchains and DeFi protocols without leaving the application.

What users of FoxWallet say

“I think it’s one of the exciting things to happen in the crypto space after a long time. It puts everything in one space, blockchain and banking coming together. Its automatically going to make people want to buy shares using crypto.”

Collin – Investor

“I feel like it is a game changer in the crypto world. It is changing how the crypto world operates from a user’s perspective. For me personally I feel like something like this was really needed and it is going to make a great impact.”

Zolani – Crypto Enthisiast

“What i like most about the FoxWallet is the security features it offers andthe ability for one to seemlessly purchase crypto and participate in DeFi without too much struggle. I really think this is going to change the world.

Greshen – Crypto Enthisiast
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