2912, 2022


Investing in the cryptocurrency market is not a simple task, but it is also not rocket science. People and institutions that invest in and trade cryptocurrencies use a variety of analytical techniques, including technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and quantitative analysis, among others. This piece focuses on fundamental analysis in the cryptocurrency market and how investors can use it to better predict trends [...]

2212, 2022

Cryptocurrency Wallets Explained

A crypto wallet is not that different from your bank account number, which enables you to receive and save your money online. A crypto wallet is used for storing, sending, and receiving assets and currencies on the blockchain. Different types of cryptocurrency wallets have emerged over time and are used for various purposes. But first, let’s look at what a cryptocurrency wallet [...]

1612, 2022

51% attack in blockchain technology

One of the most remarkable traits of Blockchain technology lies in its safe and secure network system. It facilitates and protects transactions (blocks) within a controlled database (chain) of peer-to-peer nodes using personalized impressions. This makes them highly insured against any external interference. As previously mentioned, blocks are verified and added to a decentralized ledger system by miners (nodes) through a “proof [...]

912, 2022

How blockchain and cryptocurrencies can impact economies in Africa positively

By definition, blockchain is a decentralized system, where a digital ledger is made accessible to the public for the purpose of exchanging virtual currencies (cryptocurrencies). Blockchain technology makes a permanent recording of activities to ensure secure transactions and improve transparency and trust in smart contracts through Its proven versatility. Some of the major cryptocurrencies traded on the blockchain are Bitcoin, Cardano and [...]

2411, 2022

Bitcoin Halving Explained

Bitcoin is, without a doubt, a limited resource. Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin, correctly believed its scarcity would add value to the asset over time, as there will only ever be 21 million units of bitcoin mined.In layman’s terms, this means preserving the digital asset’s value. More than 90% of the total supply of bitcoin has been created since it was [...]

1711, 2022

Beginners guide to Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency

Contents- History of cryptocurrency- What is blockchain technology- How does blockchain work- What is cryptocurrency- Blockchain application to cryptocurrency- Cryptocurrency vs fiat- How cryptocurrency affects the traditional banking system- How to buy your first crypto-assetHistory of cryptocurrency Prior to the conventional monetary system, transactions were conducted on a trade-by-barter model, in which a person who owns a valuable decides to exchange it [...]

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