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Application Features

Buy, Sell, Receive, Transfer, Swap, Earn and engage with DeFi protocols. The Severus app will bring you the best of traditional finance and decentralized finance.

Buy crypto with ease

Buy crypto using direct bank transfer or credit card to fund your account. We support multiple currencies. 

Earn with convenience

With an ever-growing list of different ways to earn, Severus makes it easy to grow your portfolio with crypto, fiat and real-world assets. 

Connect to your bank

Global fiat off-ramp partnerships ensure your crypto becomes spendable at any merchant anywhere in the world and get’s paid directly to your bank

A Vault for Every Purpose

Segment your portfolio with different goals and strategies. Yield farm in one vault and trade in another and store and view your NFT’s in another. The possibilities are endless. 

Multi platform solution

Access DeFi, CeFi, traditional finance, Launchpad opportunities and tokenized real-world assets from any device.

Receive payments

We’re working on supporting up to 400 cryptocurrencies! If you don’t see your favourite asset, let us know and we’ll get it listed in no time! 

Collateralize Your Assets

Cryptocurrency is the single greatest investment of the 21st century. Instead of liquidating your digital assets, Severus will provide the opportunity to use your digital assets as collateral so you continue to benefit from it’s phenomenal growth all while enjoying it’s fiat value. 

Limitless DeFi

The world of decentralized finance is upon us. Severus is creating the safest platform for users new and old to participate in all popular DeFi protocols in a safe and insured environment. 

Decentralized Trading

Severus Swap is Severus’ own proprietary decentralized exchange. Use MetaMask, Wallet Connect or any non-custodial wallet to access cryptocurrencies across 4 blockchains. Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain and Avalanche. 

Tokenization Protocol

Access opportunities that go beyond trading and farming. Find opportunities to benefit from real-world business applications through Severus’ proprietary tokenization module.


The Severus Launchpad is a business accelerator. Using deep market knowledge and liquidity with secure and compliant tokenization protocols, we’ll give businesses the boost they need to thrive and survive in any market conditions. 


Armed with MPC-CMP signing technology. A technology safer than cold storage. Severus goes the extra mile by implementing 4-Factor authentication on all outgoing transactions and through strategic partnerships, we’ll even let you know if the address you’re transferring to is legitimate. 

Launch Severus