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Launch Severus
Launch Severus

A convenient and intuitive crypto platform.

Severus is designed with you in mind. With a customer-first approach, Severus is user-friendly and intuitive for both beginners and advanced cryptocurrency users.

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What you can achieve on Severus

  • Send cryptocurrencies

  • Safely store cryptocurrencies

  • Buy cryptocurrencies with a credit card

  • Buy cryptocurrencies using your bank

  • Exclusive access to the Severus LaunchPad

  • Store, View & Trade NFT’s

  • Stake, Farm and Yield through DeFi

  • FREE Insurance on your crypto account

  • Tokenize your business

  • Tokenize Real Estate

Send and receive crypto assets safely over a secure, insured platform.

Equipped with the highest security standards, the Severus infrastructure is designed for maximum protection for all your digital assets. Enjoy fast transactions and bank-level security. Funds held in the Severus platform are insured against loss to provide you with the ultimate experience and complete peace of mind.

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Tokenize Anything

Finally, a platform that brings together the best of the legacy financial system and the beauty of Web3. Severus’ proprietary tokenization module is a revolution in blockchain technology, allowing businesses to tokenize not only their shareholding, but their marketing strategies, growth plans and intelligently fund their entrepreneurial dreams while having instant access to a global market provided by Severus.

Learn More about the Severus Tokenization Module here:

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Your chance to be a part of a revolution.

The Severus DAO is a community-driven entity that exists solely for the benefit of it’s token-holders. DAO’s or Decentralized Autonomous Organizations bring together the ideas of decentralized management and community-oriented goals. Financial rewards of the DAO are shared amongst DAO Token-holders who also have a say in the direction of the project. Your opportunity to get in on the Severus DAO Token early is here, join the whitelist to see if you qualify to participate in the token sale.

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