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Africa’s leading cryptocurrency exchange

Africa’s leading cryptocurrency exchange

Experience the best in cryptocurrency and digital assets.

Solana (SOL) 409.11
Bitcoin (BTC) 534,897.02
Ethereum (ETH) 36,776.95
XRP (XRP) 10.21
Litecoin (LTC) 1,767.96

A convenient and
intuitive crypto platform.

Severus is designed with you in mind. With a customer-first approach, Severus is user-friendly and intuitive for both beginners and advanced cryptocurrency users.

Buy Crypto With Ease

Buy crypto using direct bank transfer or credit card to fund your account. We support multiple currencies.

Earn With Convenience

With an ever-growing list of different ways to earn, Severus makes it easy to grow your portfolio with crypto, fiat and real-world assets.

Connect To Your Bank

Global fiat off-ramp partnerships ensure your crypto becomes spendable at any merchant anywhere in the world and get’s paid directly to your bank.

Multi Platform Solution

Access DeFi, CeFi, traditional finance, Launchpad opportunities and tokenized real-world assets from any device.

Send and receive crypto assets safely over a secure, insured platform.

Equipped with the highest security standards, the Severus infrastructure is designed for maximum protection for all your digital assets. Enjoy fast transactions and bank-level security. Funds held in the Severus platform are insured against loss to provide you with the ultimate experience and complete peace of mind.

The Severus Token (SVT)

The Severus token is the utility token of the Severus exchange. Designed to be much more than just a medium of exchange, the SVT Token provides cutting-edge functionality and unique benefits to its users while serving as the backbone of the larger Severus ecosystem.

The SVT token allows traders to share in the exchange’s growth. It serves as a direct way for Severus as a company to give back value to its community and users. The token can be used for a variety of purposes across the platform, including collateral, voting rights, airdrop qualification, IEO participation and fee discounts for users who hold it, among others.